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1.0 Black

1.0 Sepia

Nib Size: 1mm Nib Size: 1mm
Price: £1.99 Price: £1.99

2.0 Black

2.0 Sepia

Nib Size: 2mm Nib Size: 2mm
Price: £1.99 Price: £1.99

3.0 Black

3.0 Sepia

Nib Size: 3mm Nib Size: 3mm
Price: £1.99 Price: £1.99

4.0 Black

4.0 Sepia

Nib Size: 4mm Nib Size: 4mm
Price: £1.99 Price: £1.99

2.5 Gold

2.5 Silver

Nib Size: 2.5mm Nib Size: 2.5mm
Price: £2.99 Price: £2.99



Artline calligraphy pens contain water based pigment ink with high performance in fadeproof, water and smudge resistance.

No bleeding through paper.

Acid free.






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